If you have an ongoing Royalty Stream from:

  • Writer Royalties
  • Publishing Royalties
  • Artist Royalties
  • Licensing Royalties
  • ASCAP/BMI Royalties
  • Or any other Royalty/Licensing Stream

And are able to supply 3 years of Historic Data, N’Vision Entertainment can help you maximum your financial opportunity by brokering a Royalty Advance against future earnings.

Here’s how it works:

  • You would supply 3 years of Historic Earnings Data of the Royalty Income Stream for which you seek the Advance
  • N’Vision Entertainment, thru a 3rd Party Affiliation, would initiate Due Diligence on the information you provide and develop a strategy for the offering of a maximum of 75% of your future earnings to potential investors, again, based on your 3 Years of Historic Earnings Data.
  • Generally, but not guaranteed, the Advance Target would be a minimum of 75% of 5 times earnings or higher if accomplishable.
  • After Due Diligence is completed, your offering will be placed in the market and the offers will begin with a Reserve of 75% of the 5 times earnings giving you the security that your Royalties will not be sold for less than this targeted amount. The opportunity is that they may bring more than your minimum goal but that is not guaranteed.

As an example … IF

  • You have Historic Royalty Earnings Data of $30,000 per year
  • 75% would be $22,500 per year and this amount would be offered at a 5 times multiple
  • The multiple of 5 times earning would make a target number of $112,500
  • With a 3rd Party Affiliate, your Royalty Stream would be offered as an auction, again, with the minimum sale being the $112,500
  • Upon the completion of the offering, you would be paid $112,500 less 17.5% as N’Vision’s and the 3rd Party Affiliate’s fees for research and facilitating the sale
  • You will continue to own your copyrights and continue to own 25% of the income for the length of the deal which is usually 10 years at which point all royalty income, 100%, would return to you.

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