If you are a Songwriter, your copyrights, your creations, are very important to you. Each one was created from your heart and your desire is to share it seeing others being encouraged, inspired, reflective, entertained and motivated by your words and melody.

N’Vision Entertainment has been an encourager and provider for Writers such as yourself for over three decades. Getting your Songs out to the public is a primary passion of ours and as a facilitator, we provide many services for Writers such as yourself. These services are:



Discussing your Songs with you and how best to craft your works to not only complete the original idea that sparked the words and music but to develop it in such a manner that makes your copyright commercial and marketable.


Reviewing your strengths and weaknesses as a Writer and if It’s best for you and your song, coupling you with another Writer(s) that can fill in the creative gaps and forming a Writing Team when needed.


Pitching and Promoting your Songs to Recording Artists and other users of new copyrights such as TV and Film Producers thus allowing your creation, your copyright to become a royalty income generator for you.


Helping you determine additional avenues to get your work to the world such as Youtube, Social Media and other Marketing opportunities such as Veromuse, a new File Sharing App that will become the primary method of Song Sharing in the near future.


N’Vision Entertainment can provide a Publishing Home for your Copyrights that will manage, promote, collect and pay you Royalties as your Songs generate revenue. N’Vision is affiliated with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

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